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When companies from other countries enter the United States market, a critical part of their market entry planning is obtaining credible research on the potential market for their products and services, competitors, and market entry strategies


Benefits for Partnering International Companies


Opportunity to obtain valuable market and product research for the company's product and services in the United States WITHOUT COST

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Identify quality international business talent in the form of interns or permanent employees

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Gain a better understanding of potential market entry strategies to enter the United States market

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Develop a stronger relationship with the REDP and understand the benefits of expanding to Richardson and their international services resources

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Company Application Process

The GDI Program invites companies to participate in the program each spring and fall semester. Companies must meet SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS and complete an Indication of Interest (Application) to be accepted into the program. The number of companies accepted will be limited each semester.

If the company has any questions related to the REQUIREMENTS for acceptance or the Indication of Interest (Application), please contact, Director of the GDI program for the Richardson Chamber of Commerce and City of Richardson.

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Prior Participating Companies

Over the past two years, the program has successfully attracted over 20 companies across the world in various industries

Industry Sector Requirements

Financial Requirements

A minimum $20 million USD revenue (unless a non-revenue operations such as Research and Development)

Lower revenue levels will be considered, depending on the company's growth, United States market potential and available capital to support a United States market entry strategy

While the companies are not required to pay any fees for the program, we will give preference to companies that have adequate capital and a commitment to invest in a presence of some kind in Richardson, Texas, United States - sales office, partnerships, small assembly, research/development facility, etc.

Other Requirements

If the company is launching a new product or service, it needs to be beyond the start-up stage and have a proven business model in their home country with revenues and adequate investment capital

If the company has an existing United States office/facility, but has a plan to relocate or expand to a different United States location and would consider Richardson, Texas

The companies senior personnel needs to be able to commit time on a weekly, scheduled basis to work with the student interns throughout the semester (approximately 15 weeks)

The company needs to have English speaking staff members that can work effectively with the students and mentors. The GDI program must work DIRECTLY with the company and not third party consultants and representatives

The company has a plan to expand to the United States within two fiscal years and will have a stated preference to locate in Richardson, Texas including a physical location and local staff

All candidate companies must complete an Indication of Interest (Application) and go through an evaluation process before being accepted into the program. Companies should apply using the link below