About Global Development Initiative

The program is dedicated to supporting international SMEs in pursuing expansion to Richardson, Texas. Over the past few years, the program has attracted more than 25 companies from all over the world. 


How does the GDI Program Work?

Companies applying for the GDI Program submits an "Indication of Interest" (Application) and the company is evaluated for acceptance to the GDI Program based on specific requirements. Each company that is selected is then assigned a team of 3-5 students with one student assigned as the Team Leader. In addition, an experienced C-level business executive is assigned to the team as a mentor and a senior student who is experienced with the program will be assigned to the team as a coordinator.

The student team, mentor, and coordinator are introduced to the company executive(s) and the company's assigned liaison staff, becoming the WORKING GROUP for the market research project. The market research project scope is defined, reviewed, and the teams begin their work on the project. The GOAL is the team to deliver high value to support the company's market entry plan into the United States. The scope will often include potential United States market information, competitive landscape, project/service localization and introduction to individuals and organizations helpful in supporting the market entry strategy.

Weekly meetings and progress reports are arranged between the company liaisons and the students teams, periodically include the mentor, coordinator, and program administration.

The GDI Team

Our team is made up of individuals from business and academia

Our Vision

The GDI program seeks to assist international companies in their efforts to expand their business activities to the United States


Why Richardson

Richardson, Texas is a diverse, vibrant community that is strategically located in one of the largest economic regions in the world - Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

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Our Students

Our program is dedicated to becoming a solid steppingstone for university students to gain experience and reach their business goals



Our program supports university students by giving real world consulting experience through interactions with international companies and business professionals